Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Russian Girl Gabriela
Now it's time for some payback! Addie Juniper is bound and handcuffed to the bed because she was brutal to Russian beauty Daniela. She starts out very soft, slow touching with her fingertips right around Addie's chest. This drives her CRAZY! Straddling Addie, Daniela works her fingertips against Addie's belly and ribs then up towards her underarms. Her revenge is ruthless, and she'll stop at nothing to get Addie squealing. She tests out a few areas to see which are the most ticklish- and a big one is Addie's inner thighs, her kneecaps, and even her butt! That's right, she gets flipped over and her bare ass cheeks gets tickled. Enjoy a close up of Addie's feet getting tickled and wiggling around trying to get away from Daniela's fingertips. Look at her running her fingernails up the soles of Addie's feet- torture! What was that Daniela? You lost the key? I guess Addie will have to be the ultimate tickle slave!
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Russian Girl Gabriela, Addie Juniper
Addie Juniper- a tickling great- is SO excited to finally get the chance to tickle the Russian Girl. Could it be because she's so muscular and lean? Or are all Russian babes this ticklish? When Addie caresses her underarms, it makes this blonde babe contort and thrash around on the bed. Good thing she's restrained with handcuffs! Addie pokes and prods in every cavern and crevice, each seemingly more ticklish than the last! Addie notes that she's barely even tickling her, barely touching her, and she's just SO sensitive. Her belly button is pierced and she has a chest tattoo, so she can certainly take pain, but the tickling is what sends her over the edge! Pulling down her bikini top, Addie discovers that ever her nipples are ticklish! Of course, you can't forget the toes. Again, bound with rope and shackles, she can't move far, but this Russian Girl squirms and moves as much as she can. Super tickling fun!
Running time: 23 minutes
Models: Paige ErinTurner
Miss Paige Erin Turner is escorted to the holding chamber before the enhanced interrogation techniques will begin. Paige is insistant that she's not giving up any information, so the agent needs to resort to the most extreme measures: tickling! Expertly trained in tickling, this agent has Paige cornered at the wall, handcuffed, while he squeezes her sides and tickles between her ribs. She acts tough, but listen to that girl laugh! There's no way that she can hold out much longer, can she? Taking her restraints off only long enough for her to strip down and get into the chair, the agent rope ties her ankles and slides her feet onto his lap so round 2 can begin! Even though she tries to hold out as long as possible, biting her lips, Paige quickly cracks as the agent tickles her feet and toes. Digging his fingers into her soles, he is very adamant about getting this information! Even though she doesn't crack yet, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve- lying her on her stomach and spreading her legs wide apart, Paige is tied to the bed. Now at her most vulnerable, there's no way she can withstand the tickle torture! As her rubs her belly, sides, and under her arms, she flails and squeals as he gets all the right spots. Since her feet are rope tied to the bed, he moves down and scratches at the soles of her feet while she giggles. Moving up her legs and behind her knees, he'll keep tickling her inner thighs and upper leg. Man, this girl can take a LOT of tickle torture!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Heather West, Alisa Kiss
Enjoying a little catnap on the couch, angelic-looking Alisa Kiss gets a surprise revenge tickle from Sister played by Heather West. Slowly and careful not to wake sleeping beauty, Heather uses cuffs to bind her ankles and and wrists, spreading her arms above her head. Payback hurts, doesn't it Alisa? When Heather tickles her ribs and under her arms, you can hear Alisa laugh loudly and jiggle, trying to shake away from her captor. Moving down to her bare feet, Heather tickles the soles of her feet making her squirm. Despite Alisa's protestations and pleas to stop, Heather knows that she needs to teach her a lesson. Look out for Heather's bountiful breasts that start to come out of her bra because she's so busy tickling! She'll also tickle the spot right behind her knees. Whatever will happen to Miss Alisa?
Running time: 17 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Gianna Love
Addie Juniper has just achieved the head cheerleader position at her new college and is celebrating with the girls at a sleepover, when she wakes up with her hands cuffed above her head and her feet trapped in stocks! What the hell? A girl she barely knows, Gianna Love, appears above her. She starts to speak, but then realizes that she has duct tape over her mouth! Gianna is the FORMER head cheerleader and she is pissed that Addie comes to HER school and takes the position away from her. How dare she? Well now Addie is in a very vulnerable position so Gianna starts tickling her! She tickles her sides, exposed underarms, inner thighs, all over while she tells Addie she's going to resign as head cheerleader or else. She rips the duct tape off of Addie's mouth and allows her to speak and Addie is none too pleased; in fact she starts acting like a catty bitch, too - with THAT audition, Gianna is NEVER going to be head cheerleader again. The times have changed, darlin', and you just don't have what it takes anymore. Gianna slaps some more duct tape over Addie's mouth and moves down to her feet, which are bare and squirming in the stocks. Addie has VERY ticklish feet and Gianna begins tickling them with her fingernails and other various implements like a feather, a shrimper, a comb, etc. It drives Addie CRAZY and she is beyond upset that she is being treated this way! But she can't take the tickling so she just HAS to do what Gianna says. Having no choice, she tells Gianna she will resign, anything for her to stop tickling her! That's not enough for Gianna, though, she tells Addie that the competition is tonight, I guess someone forgot to tell her, so Gianna will be taking her place and leaving Addie here tied up with duct tape over her mouth! Toodles!
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