Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Ariella Ferrera, Kevin Wang, Devon
Sexy Ariella came by to see a friend, but she must have gotten the wrong house or something. She sits in the basement waiting when two rough guys come out and start messing with her. They laugh at the fact that she's a little lamb on their property and they can do anything they want to her and she can't stop them. After all, they are two guys and she's just a petite girl! They begin to manhandle her, shoving a ball gag into her mouth and stripping her clothes off. They are delighted to find that she has huge sexy tits underneath her clothing and one of them starts groping and sucking on them. They pull her arms up above her head and tie her to the ceiling and then put her ankles in some metal stocks, bare feet sticking through them helplessly! One of them starts tickling her feet with his fingers and a hair brush and it drives her wild with laughter! They laugh at her reactions, too; poor helpless Ariella! The other one continues to aggressively grope her big tits and lick her nipples to his heart's content as the other dude relentlessly tickles her poor feet! Ariella laughs and screams and freaks out at the fact that there's nothing she can do about this situation! After awhile, she walk away, leaving her there, chained up...
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Dakota Charms
Maid Dakota wakes up while Maid Addie is folding towels to discover that she has been stripped down to her underwear and pantyhose and spread eagle tied to the bed with duct tape! Revenge is sweet for Addie who wants badly to get back at Dakota for what she did to her. Spread eagle is a nice position for Dakota with her helpless little feet covered in nylon, making them all the more sensitive to Addie's fingers and hair brush! Addie removes her heels, taunting her and telling her why she is being punished and begins to rake Dakota's soles up and down and in between her toes. Dakota begs her not to, that she's too ticklish, but Addie just laughs and ignores her protests. After some nylon tickling, she rips open the hose, exposing Dakota's bare feet and to Dakota's horror, pours baby oil on them! Everyone knows baby oil makes feet even MORE sensitive and slippery so Dakota is really panicking now! Addie takes a hair brush and teases at first, but then scrapes and scratches it up and down Dakota's bare soles, sending her into a laughing frenzy!
Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Dakota Charms, Addie Juniper
Maid Addie has been hogtied by rival Maid Dakota for stealing clients! You see, the girls are fantasy maids that clean houses and hotel rooms and look sexy while doing so. So they are dressed in their sexy French maid outfits complete with sheer suntan pantyhose and stripper heels. The nylons will make Addie's feet all the more ticklish and Dakota knows that! She starts by peeling off Addie's heels, much to Addie's protest. Then she starts raking her nails down Addie's soles, softly at first and then she starts spidering and scratching away! Addie laughs and laughs in total anguish and begs Dakota to stop but Dakota relentlessly keeps on tickling. She uses the dreaded hairbrush on Addie's poor feet, scraping and scratching them down her sensitive arches! Then she takes the heel of Addie's shoe and uses it as a tickle implement, causing Maid Addie to freak out and yell at her to stop! But Dakota won't stop until Addie agrees to stop stealing her clients. These maids mean business!
Running time: 4 minutes
Models: Sumiko, Addie Juniper
The competition goes on! Round One is now over and Round Two is beginning with hottie Sumiko assuming the second armpit tickling pose; her arms straight out to her sides. She must keep them there for the duration of the tickling or she loses the round! Each position seems to get harder! Addie tickles her softly and lightly at first and eventually starts scratching and digging ferociously on her poor underarms! Will Sumiko break the pose or call out the safe word before the time is up?
Running time: 4 minutes
Models: Shauna Ryanne, Addie Juniper
Now it's Shauna Ryanne's turn to get tickled on her underarms in the first position - hands on hips. She is allowed one foul because Sumiko broke the pose in Part One, but otherwise, she must withstand a full 3 minutes of armpit tickling to stay even with Sumiko! Shauna is REALLY ticklish on her underarms, when tickled lightly, roughly, really any way! Addie tries a variety of techniques and they all work, causing Shauna to squirm and giggle and gufaw. :) Will she make it through? Watch and find out!
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