Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Carissa Montgomery, Addie Juniper
Addie is babysitting Carissa who is whining and pouting about Addie being on the phone. Addie keeps telling her, "Just a minute!" When she finishes her call, she throws Carissa down and starts tickling her! Carissa giggles and begs for mercy and says this is not the kind of game she wanted to play! Addie sits on top of her and tickles her stomach and underarms and sides - then she pulls Carissa's bare feet up into the air and tickles the bottoms of them! Maybe next time she'll let Addie talk on the phone in peace!
Running time: 18 minutes
Models: Jasmine Mendez, Sahyre, Addie Juniper
It's rush time and Addie is a pledge to be in a sorority. Sisters Jasmine Mendez and Sahyre have tied her up and blindfolded her and forced her to wear nylons - the sorority's signature clothing item. But unfortunately for her, they make her feet more ticklish! Jasmine and Sahyre brutally tickle Addie and tell her that if she really wants to be in their sorority, she'll prove it to them by taking the tickling! Addie begs for mercy, but the girls just call her a wuss and keep tickling her poor feet! Jasmine moves up to her upper body, opening her shirt and making fun of her breasts for not being as big as theirs. But don't worry, Addie gets her revenge! That night after the sisters fell asleep from drinking too much, Addie tied them together at the waist and then tied their ankles and wrists together. They wake up all angry and wondering how this could have happened and see Addie smugly smiling down at them. They throw a hissy fit and call her all kinds of names and tell her that she'll never be in the sorority now, but Addie doesn't care - she's just there to tickle their sensitive nylon feet to get them back! She sits on their legs and goes to town on their poor feet and they go crazy with laughter (and anger)! She also tickles Jasmine's upper body and inner thighs a bit, making her howl with giggles! Sahyre's feet are SUPER ticklish and Addie gets them REALLY good. Hopefully they've learned their lesson about torturing pledges!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Tomiko
Part Two of the armpit tickling contest between sexy MILF Tomiko and Addie Juniper! Addie starts by tickling Tomiko's underarms in the next position - arms straight out by her sides! The longer she can take it without breaking the pose, the better chance she has to beat Addie! Addie starts teasing Tomiko's armpits by lightly and softly tickling them, which seems to be the most effective way to tickle Tomiko! It's Addie's turn next - who can withstand the tickling longer? The final position is arms up and tucked behind the neck, which creates a whole new armpit perspective. :) Each girl gets tickled in this position, as well. Who will be the armpit champion this time? Addie who mostly needs her muscles digged into or Tomiko who is susceptible to a light tickling? After the contest, the ladies talk about which positions tickled the most!
Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Tomiko, Addie Juniper
This two parter armpit tickling contest between Addie and Tomiko is super cute and awesome! It starts with a little interview about armpit tickling and tickling in general with the two lovely ladies and then they start the contest! The rules are that each girl will be tickled by the other girl in different positions and she must hold the position while getting tickled for as long as she can. The first girl to break is the loser of that round. Tomiko is up first; arms above head and with Addie's hands in her pits, she is allowed to lower them, but Addie's tickling fingers must remain there - digging into her underarms! Tomiko freaks out - she is SO ticklish on her armpits! Next, Addie gets in the same position. Then the video closes out after the beginning of Tomiko in the second position (hands on hips), but you'll have to wait until Part Two to see how THAT ends! Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Alisa Kiss
Alisa hasn't had very many chances to tickle Addie, but after getting her belly mercilessly tickled, she just has to get revenge. :) She tickles Addie's belly first, of course, but then goes up to her ribs, down to her inner thighs and up to her underarms! She asks Addie where her worst spot is and Addie says she'll never tell as Alisa digs into her inner thighs making Addie yelp! Yikes! She turns Addie around and tickles her hot butt and even lifts Addie's feet off the round for some foot tickling! Addie is ticklish all over and Alisa continues while mocking and teasing and tormenting poor Addie!
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