Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Alisa Kiss, Addie Juniper
Ok, now it's Alisa turn in the hogtie and Addie's turn to tickle! Sides, ribs and feet are once again featured prominently (with the cute Ms. Kiss in a hogtie as per Addie), and an electric toothbrush is thrown into the mix. Alisa Kiss is pretty darn ticklish, and once again the game is to see how many times (if any) Addie can get Alisa to say the safe word. We'll just say the score is not tied at the end of this part :) Next up, part 3!
Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Alisa Kiss, Addie Juniper
A brand new tickling contest from Tickle Chicks, this time with Addie Juniper and the lovely blonde Alisa Kiss! Part one has Addie as the lee and Alisa as the ler, and is in the hogtied position on a bed. Alisa has 5 minutes to get Addie to say the safe word ("red") as often as possible! Alisa's focus is sides/ribs and feet - how does she fare? Is Alisa a champion tickler or a dud? Is it a particularly ticklish day for Addie or does she power her way through? Only one way to find out! Next up, it's Alisa's turn!6
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Cheyenne Jewel, Addie Juniper
Fit and sexy Cheyenne Jewel is tied with her arms above her head, in the perfect position for some serious upper body tickling! Addie starts with her underarms, which are VERY ticklish - you don't have to tickle this one very hard to get her going! Yet, when Addie digs, she is even MORE ticklish, which is lots of fun! Addie is fascinated by how muscular Cheyenne is; she can feel her powerful body tensing up as she is getting tickled! How can someone so strong be so ticklish? It seems silly, doesn't it? Anyway, Addie pulls up her shirt and tickles her rock-hard abs and sides - also crazy ticklish! Next, Addie moves down Cheyenne's body, lifting up her skirt and tickling over her soft, white panties. It drives Cheyenne crazy! She turns her around, pulls her panties up her butt and tickles underneath her hard, muscular ass! Suprisingly again, she can just lightly graze Cheyenne's ass and she starts giggling! It's the most rock hard ass Addie has ever had the pleasure of touching. :) A very fun tickling session, indeed! Hopefully, Cheyenne will want to come back for more! :P
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Ashley Sinclair, Psymon Jerusalem
Ashley's tutor comes over to discover her lounging on the couch, feet propped up and in cute socks. Ashley knows that her tutor likes girls' feet and knows he would love to be able to touch and tickle them! So she makes a deal with him; he can tickle her bare feet for as long as he wants in exchange for extra credit, which will give her a better grade in her class! It's a no-brainer for the tutor, he immediately agrees and begins to peel off her socks. She tells him that her feet are soo soft and sensitive and REALLY ticklish. When he starts tickling her feet, she squirms and giggles, telling him how sensitive her feet are and how she can hardly stand it! He scratches the bottoms of her soles both lightly and hard, slow and fast and Ashley is clearly loving being tortured. You can tell by the way she moans as she is being tickled. :) Enjoy!
Running time: 27 minutes
Models: Delila Darling, Taylor Raz, Addie Juniper
Ok guys, this one is a bit different! By request, this is a video of Delila Darling having ONLY her feet tickled by Addie Juniper and Taylor Raz. However, the focus is ENTIRELY on Delila - you can't see the tickling (but yes, it's 100% real - thsi is actually a different version of a video with Delila that is already up!). The camera focuses on Delila for a full TWENTY-SEVEN MINUTES as she is mercilessly tickled by expert lers Taylor and Addie! They use fingers, an electric toothbrush (which you can hear, but not see), and more! So if you are into the reactions only of a very cute, very ticklish girl (and I believe this is the last tickling video Delila Darling ever did before she retired), you will like this :) We know this one is bit specific, so look out for a bonus update this week as well!
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