Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Alexis Rain
Stepmother faces every parent's worst nightmare: a spoiled child who expects the world and won't work a few simple chores! This time, she's going to teach her stepdaughter a lesson! Putting her feet right on her lap, she tickles each foot until she can't stand it anymore! Rubbing her fingernails against the soles of her bare feet, this Stepmother (played by the gorgeous Alexis Rain) knows how to tickle torture her bratty stepchild into submission so there will finally be a change around here. After several squeals at first, her disciplinary style seems to do the trick because she gets up and moving! Stay tuned for Addie's payback in "Stepdaughter's Foot Tickling Revenge"
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Jordana Leigh, Alexis Rain
Wow- these Cheerleaders can be some catty brats! Like Alexis Rain who ties up and tickles her former friend for sleeping with her boyfriend. Squirming around, Jordana Leigh will try to get out of this tickle torture, but it's just no use! She has to accept her fate as a tickle victim. Her feet are tickled with fingers and feathers, and even though she's hogtied with her hands behind her back, Alexis will flip her over and tickle her tummy and sides- no where is safe from her vengeance. Loads of laughing and giggles galore!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Alexis Rain, Jordana Leigh
Uh oh! Belly dancer extraordinaire Alexis Rain finds herself in a bit of a predicament! Hands tied up above her head and legs tied together, her boss has to handle a little business with her. She was hired to make money but not steal away her boss' clients, so if she think she can come in here and poach customers, she's got another thing coming! Boss (played by Jordana Leigh) gets a little Belly-Dancer's revenge by tickling the shit out of Alexis' belly! You can see her skin get lots of red marks and finger marks from all the tickling! Alexis is laughing for nearly the whole session and jerks around when the tickling gets too intense. Tons of up close shots make this a belly-tickling-lover's ultimate fantasy turn reality!
Running time: 20 minutes
Models: Gianna Love, Monster Hands
Princess been captured by the perverted, gross Jabba the Hut! He has made her into a slave and tied her down to a board with her arms above her head and her bare feet in stocks, exposed to the world! She can't move at all and must endure the slimy monster's slimy hands all over her body! He starts by pulling her sandals off and tickling her feet! He straps her wiggling toes back with rope and tickles her feet with his fingers while growling and mumbling! He also uses various implements; a comb, a hairbrush, a shrimper, etc. and she shakes and howls with laughter, screaming at him that Hans Solo is going to come rescue her soon and when he does, he's going to kick Jabba's ass! Jabba just grumbles and moves up to her upper body. He pulls off her gold top, exposing her pert breasts and runs his gross hands all over her body! He covers her mouth and tickles her sides, her belly, her underarms and her inner thighs. He also pulls off her gold bikini bottom, exposing the Princess' naughty bits! Gasp! His hands go down between her legs, right next to her delightful pussy and tickle her inner thighs. She laughs and laughs and keeps threatening him. Oh when will this disgusting creature be put in his place? THEN his henchman, a HUMAN comes in and tickles her for a bit; her feet and upper body. Ughhh!!! Hans Solo needs to get here soon!
Running time: 12 minutes
Models: Sinn Sage, Samantha Grace
Introducing Sinn Sage! You might have seen this cutie in spanking videos, but she is REALLY ticklish. She should totally be in more tickling videos! In this awesome debut, Sinn is completely naked (except for socks) and weighted to the floor with dumbbells. Her arms are tied to a cement block, so she is COMPLETELY restricted. Samantha immediately goes for Sinn's highly ticklish lower belly and sides. Her bellybutton and nipples are ticklish, too, which is always awesome! And her underarms - forget about it! She goes berzerk! Sinn pleads with Samantha to give her a break, but Sam is taunting and relentless. She peels Sinn's socks off to get to her feet, which are very ticklish, too! She uses a pen to write on the bottoms of her soles. :) There doesn't seem to be a part of this girl's body that isn't ticklish. The grand finale is when Samantha uses a vibrating magic wand all over Sinn's body. Awesome!
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