Running time: 15 minutes
Models: Nikki Masters, Psymon Jerusalem
The final segment of the epic 60 minute Nikki Masters tickle torture! Hot buxom blonde MILF Nikki Masters has been naked, stretched out and tickled for an entire HOUR. By now, she is REALLY worn out. She's continuously being tickled everywhere; her underarms, her nipples and breasts, her sides, her inner thighs, her feet, her knees, her belly - even her chin and neck! She just keeps laughing and laughing uncontrollably, hoping that it will all end soon! She is stretched very tightly, with only enough room to wiggle a bit, but with no hope of shielding her sensitive spots from the endless tickling! By the way, there's no WAY Nikki will subject herself to a whole hour of tickle torture again, so we hope that you guys enjoyed it! :D
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Ashley Sinclair, Psymon Jerusalem
Pretty Ashley Sinclair is completely naked and stretched out spread eagle on our tickle board! She is tickled with fingers, a feather and a hair brush on all her most ticklish spots; her underarms, sides, belly, feet, inner thighs and even her breasts and nipples are a little ticklish! She just keeps begging for him to stop, in between her laughter, but he ignores her and keeps on tickling! She especially freaks out when he digs into the pits of her underarms and uses the hard end of the feather to scratch the bottoms of her soles. Yikes!
Running time: 15 minutes
Models: Nikki Masters, Psymon Jerusalem
Part Three of hot MILF Nikki Masters' 60 minute tickle torture! Nikki is so worn out by now, she doesn't have the strength to protest. She just must take more and more tickling; tickle torture that seems endless! She laughs and laughs and she can't help it and the tickler continues to mercilessly get her on all of her most ticklish spots! He uses a hair brush on her feet, a soft feather on her ticklish nipples and, of course, his fingers all over her poor tickled-out body! This may be the best part yet because, by now, the tickler has gotten SUPER relentless and aggressive! He just doesn't stop or say a word, no matter what! *Shudders* I'm glad I'm not in her place!
Running time: 8 minutes
Models: Nikki Masters, Psymon Jerusalem
The torture continues with poor MILF Nikki Masters. She is strapped down tightly to a board, completely naked and vulnerable, and is being subjected to a whole HOUR of non-stop tickling! The tickler moves slowly from spot to spot; her underarms, down to her breasts and nipples, her sides, her thighs, her spot is spared! He uses his fingers, scratching and spidering and also a feather, which drives her bananas! She just laughs and laughs; there's nothing else she can do! She just wants it to be over, but unfortunately, she's still got quite a bit longer to go...stay tuned for Parts Three and Four to see the torture continue!.
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Ashley Sinclair, Addie Juniper
Addie Juniper sits behind Ashley Sinclair and softly and lightly tickles her back and neck and a little on her shoulders, arms and sides, both over and under her shirt. It makes Ashley shiver and giggle from the light touch! She then takes her shirt and pants off and lays down on her stomach on the table. Addie continues to lightly rake her nails up and down the length of Ashley's back and under her hair on her neck, causing Ashley to squirm and laugh! It gives her the chills! Ashley then takes off her bra to give Addie full access to her back. Now the tickling REALLY drives her crazy, but in a very different way than most ticking would! This kind of sensual tickling on the most vulnerable parts of her body causes the little hairs on Ashley's back and neck to rise and it gives her goosebumps all over!
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