Running time: 12 minutes
Models: Sinn Sage, Samantha Grace
Introducing Sinn Sage! You might have seen this cutie in spanking videos, but she is REALLY ticklish. She should totally be in more tickling videos! In this awesome debut, Sinn is completely naked (except for socks) and weighted to the floor with dumbbells. Her arms are tied to a cement block, so she is COMPLETELY restricted. Samantha immediately goes for Sinn's highly ticklish lower belly and sides. Her bellybutton and nipples are ticklish, too, which is always awesome! And her underarms - forget about it! She goes berzerk! Sinn pleads with Samantha to give her a break, but Sam is taunting and relentless. She peels Sinn's socks off to get to her feet, which are very ticklish, too! She uses a pen to write on the bottoms of her soles. :) There doesn't seem to be a part of this girl's body that isn't ticklish. The grand finale is when Samantha uses a vibrating magic wand all over Sinn's body. Awesome!
Running time: 4 minutes
Models: Valorie Valentino, Addie Juniper
Time to sit down and talk to the lovely Valorie Valentino about tickling! She's a bubbly, vivacious gal who really enjoys being tickled. People have always found her to be a really fun person to tickle because she shrieks and squirms so much! That always makes it more satisfying for the tickler, of course. Valorie's upper body is extremely sensitive to a ticklish touch, especially her underarms, sides and ears. Addie slips off Valorie's shoes to test out her feet, which are quite ticklish as well! To see Valorie get tickled while wrapped in plastic wrap, check out "Valorie Valentino: Tightly Wrapped and Tickled". You'll love it!
Running time: 5 minutes
Models: Gianna Love, Addie Juniper
Cute girl-next-door Gianna Love is no stranger to tickling. She's done a ton of tickle shoots over her modeling years and has thoroughly enjoyed MOST of them! She is not the kind of model who just does it for the money, she actually REALLY enjoys getting tickled and tickling other people! It's refreshing to meet someone with an attitude like that. Gianna is so cool and down to earth, Addie can't WAIT to get her hands on her! She shows us where she is ticklish; her feet (very cute btw), her underarms, her sides...pretty much everywhere! What's not to love about that? Can't wait to see Gianna tickled? You'll have to stay tuned to see the next few updates! We did a cute scene where Gianna gets tickled by Jabba the Hut in a Slave Leia costume, a sexy orgasmic tickling with Addie and a slumber party tickle revenge where she tickles Addie! Enjoy!
Running time: 13 minutes
Models: Kumi Monster, Psymon Jerusalem
Kumi Monster is a crazy, irresponsible woman who is being evicted from her house. Instead of graciously leaving the premises, she makes matters worse by handcuffing herself to the stove and swallowing the key so that her landlord can't kick her out. Naturally, he calls the police. When asked to scratch an itch on her arm, he discovers that this pretty, but insane Asian woman is VERY ticklish! Bad move on her part! And boy is she a screamer! Before he even touches her, she shrieks and yelps in anticipation of the tickle! He tickles her so hard that she has to go to the bathroom, which also presents quite the predicament because she can't leave the stove! Time for a bad tenant to pay the price!
Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Dakota Charms, Addie Juniper
Sexy Maid Dakota Charms laid down on the job so Maid Addie decided to hogtie her with duct tape! Why? Because the two maids are so competitive and always sneakily stealing each other's clients! Addie wants to teach Dakota a lesson; after all, she has seniority! She slowly removes Dakota's heels revealing her smooth suntan nylon feet....all exposed and ready to be tickled! And what can Dakota really do in this position but whine and protest? She tells Addie not to do it.....PLEASE....but Addie doesn't listen and taunts and teases her feet with her fingernails and a hair brush! She scrapes it up and down Dakota's sensitive soles sending Dakota into a fit of laughter! Maybe she'll learn not to mess with Addie's turf!
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