Running time: 17 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Gianna Love
Addie Juniper has just achieved the head cheerleader position at her new college and is celebrating with the girls at a sleepover, when she wakes up with her hands cuffed above her head and her feet trapped in stocks! What the hell? A girl she barely knows, Gianna Love, appears above her. She starts to speak, but then realizes that she has duct tape over her mouth! Gianna is the FORMER head cheerleader and she is pissed that Addie comes to HER school and takes the position away from her. How dare she? Well now Addie is in a very vulnerable position so Gianna starts tickling her! She tickles her sides, exposed underarms, inner thighs, all over while she tells Addie she's going to resign as head cheerleader or else. She rips the duct tape off of Addie's mouth and allows her to speak and Addie is none too pleased; in fact she starts acting like a catty bitch, too - with THAT audition, Gianna is NEVER going to be head cheerleader again. The times have changed, darlin', and you just don't have what it takes anymore. Gianna slaps some more duct tape over Addie's mouth and moves down to her feet, which are bare and squirming in the stocks. Addie has VERY ticklish feet and Gianna begins tickling them with her fingernails and other various implements like a feather, a shrimper, a comb, etc. It drives Addie CRAZY and she is beyond upset that she is being treated this way! But she can't take the tickling so she just HAS to do what Gianna says. Having no choice, she tells Gianna she will resign, anything for her to stop tickling her! That's not enough for Gianna, though, she tells Addie that the competition is tonight, I guess someone forgot to tell her, so Gianna will be taking her place and leaving Addie here tied up with duct tape over her mouth! Toodles!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Alexis Rain, Addie Juniper
Payback's a bitch proves Addie Juniper, our favorite stepdaughter, getting some well deserved tickling revenge on evil stepmother. If you saw the first installment, "Stepmother's Foot Tickling Punishment for Not Doing Chores" then you'll see why Addie wants to tickle Alexis Rain like crazy. First, she'll tie up her feet at the ankles with rope so that she can't run away. Next, she'll mock her horrid stepmother for lying around half-dressed like a slut. Then the real action begins! Tickling her feet with her hands and later a bristly brush, Addie lets Stepmom know that she's not some little girl who can be pushed around.
Running time: 14 minutes
Models: Gianna Love, Addie Juniper
Unlike our first video with Gianna, this one is about sensual tickling that leads to a nice vibrator orgasm. :) Addie and Gianna are dressed in sexy lingerie and Gianna is laying face down and strapped into some stocks, her bottom half covered in sheer nude pantyhose. Addie slithers in and talks sexy to Gianna about how she's going to tickle her and give her an orgasm. Gianna is, of course, both anxious and delighted. Addie begins tickling her slowly and sensually; starting with her sides and exposed underarms and moving down to her inner thighs and butt and then on down to her restrained feet where she uses both her fingertips and her various implements. Gianna is much more ticklish face down, we realize; she giggles and howls. Addie straddles her while tickling and gets turned on, herself. ;) She pulls out a vibrating drumstick and slides it in between Gianna's ass cheeks on up to her clit and it feels so good! When Gianna gets close to cumming, Addie pulls it away and begins tickling her again! It's so fun to tease and tickle Gianna and she wants the vibration back and the tickling to stop, but we think she really enjoys the tickling, too! Gianna has a nice orgasm (or ticklegasm) and Addie gives her a sweet squeeze at the end. A fun and sexy experience for both ladies!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Alexis Rain
Stepmother faces every parent's worst nightmare: a spoiled child who expects the world and won't work a few simple chores! This time, she's going to teach her stepdaughter a lesson! Putting her feet right on her lap, she tickles each foot until she can't stand it anymore! Rubbing her fingernails against the soles of her bare feet, this Stepmother (played by the gorgeous Alexis Rain) knows how to tickle torture her bratty stepchild into submission so there will finally be a change around here. After several squeals at first, her disciplinary style seems to do the trick because she gets up and moving! Stay tuned for Addie's payback in "Stepdaughter's Foot Tickling Revenge"
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Jordana Leigh, Alexis Rain
Wow- these Cheerleaders can be some catty brats! Like Alexis Rain who ties up and tickles her former friend for sleeping with her boyfriend. Squirming around, Jordana Leigh will try to get out of this tickle torture, but it's just no use! She has to accept her fate as a tickle victim. Her feet are tickled with fingers and feathers, and even though she's hogtied with her hands behind her back, Alexis will flip her over and tickle her tummy and sides- no where is safe from her vengeance. Loads of laughing and giggles galore!
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