Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Mary Jane Marley
Now Addie is the one who is stretched out on the board, wearing just her undies and a pair of sheer black pantyhose, which will only make the tickling WORSE! Mary Jane is a solid tickler, making Addie laugh uncontrollably and even scream at times for her to stop! Mary Jane starts with Addie's sides, digging into her muscles and tickling the front of her belly, too. She moves up to Addie's sensitive armpits, tickling them GOOD, making Addie freak out! She also digs into Addie's super ticklish inner thighs, making her beg for mercy! Mary Jane just giggles; mercy? Yeah, right. Instead, she moves down to Addie's NYLON feet, which she tests out with her fingernails. When she determines that they are probably the MOST ticklish spot, she goes straight for some hair brush action, which she knows will drive Addie CRAZY! And it DOES! Psymon even helps out some from behind the camera by holding Addie's toes back, much to her dismay. They ignore her pleas as Mary Jane goes to town on Addie's poor feet! But don't worry, she goes back up to the upper body, too, moving from spot to spot. Addie has NO idea where she will go next and there's really nothing she can do about it! Addie even says the SAFE WORD while Mary Jane is relentlessly using the hair brush in a particularly sensitive spot, over and over again! She just can't take it with the pantyhose on, that's for sure!
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Mary Jane Marley, Addie Juniper
Sexy 19 year-old Mary Jane Marley is topless and STRETCHED on our awesome tickle board! She tells Addie that she's "sorta" ticklish and Addie just smiles and says, "Oh, we'll see about that." Sure enough, she shows Mary Jane that she's a hell of alot more ticklish than she thought she was! Mary Jane's belly and sides and ribs are the MOST ticklish, with her underarms coming in a close second. And don't get me started on her feet - delightfully ticklish with fingernails and several different implements! Mary Jane giggles and howls; she's NEVER been tickled like this! Her pretty pale skin blushes up quickly as she's tickled brutally and mercilessly!
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Charity Bangs, Addie Juniper
This video is awesome! It stars popular pornstar cutie Charity Bangs (just 19 years old). Her feet are CRAZY ticklish and she has the cutest reactions. They are locked down in metal stocks and Addie goes to town on them; using fingernails, a hair brush, an electric toothbrush, a feather, etc. Charity goes BANANAS, begging and pleading Addie to stop! She says the safe word more times in this video than anyone has in any of our videos EVER! That's why she's the "Queen of Red". Well, she's also wearing a red bikini. Haha. Anywho, if you're a fan of foot tickling, this one is not to be missed! Charity's legs and thighs get tickled a little bit, too, for your added enjoyment. :)
Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Jacquelyn Velvets
Part Three of the armpit tickling saga! This time, Jacquelyn and I put our hands behind our heads, which, honestly, was my favorite position of all to tickle her in! That's because the position really defined all the nooks and crannies in and around her armpits giving me easy access to all of them! I'm sure she felt the same way while tickling mine! We try as hard as we can to withstand each other's finger; scratching and scraping and digging mercilessly into our underarms! I got her GOOD and, oh my god, she got me good! Enjoy!
Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Charity Bangs
Charity Bangs gets me back - focusing on my feet! They are in stocks and my hands are cuffed behind my back, so there's NOTHING I can do! She uses her scratchy fingernails, lotion, and the dreaded hair brush! There's even a point where Psymon grabs one brush and Charity has the other and they double team me! This was a hard one to take; Charity may be young, but she's a sadistic tickler. She taunts and teases me and giggles as I shriek and howl and beg for mercy; mercy that is NOT granted. Ooh, I can't wait to tickle HER super ticklish feet....
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