Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Siren Thorn
Now it's Siren's turn to tickle me in the same position! Unfortunately, we were in a hotel and didn't have any good restraints, but we made do with what we had; a scarf for my ankles and knee high socks for my wrists! In order to keep me from flailing about, though, Siren has to sort of put her body weight on me and hold me down, which proves to be pretty effective! Siren is such a cute tickler; taunting and teasing and getting pleasure out of my distress. :) She sits on my legs as she tickles my feet, being sure to lotion them up a bit so it tickles even more! Eek! And then she finds my other super ticklish areas and focuses on them - my inner thighs, my sides, my belly, etc. She digs in and it drives me crazy! Enjoy!
Running time: 5 minutes
Models: Siren Thorn
Siren is reading a magazine when suddendly, she feels a funny ticklish feeling on her feet. Confused, she can't help but giggle. Then it's as if she's being pushed down on the bed and tickled! She squirms and tries to get away, but the "ghost" tickler is too strong! He tickles her all over; her sides, her underarms, her feet, her thighs - anywhere he can get his invisible hands on, which totally freaks her out. Then he "ties" her up and she feels her legs being raised and bound together, even though there is no rope and no one there holding them up! Siren laughs uncontrollably and tries to get away, but she's bound too tightly by these invisible ropes! Her arms are even stuck back behind her head and she can't lift them! At the end, the video is shot POV so it looks like YOU are the ghost tickler! Mwahaha!
Running time: 30 minutes
Models: Jada Stevens, Mia Goodness, Addie Juniper
This video was a custom video commissioned by a fan, but you're sure to love it, too! Jada and Addie have regular lesbian tickle orgasm sessions after hours at Jada's massage parlor. Addie has had her eye on a cute girl at work named Mia and would like to bring her in for a "massage" that will, of course, turn into an all-out lesbian tickle fest! Jada gives Mia a drink that will make her feel more "relaxed" and proceeds to give her a massage. When Jada starts tickling her, Mia is confused, but goes with it, as Jada explains that it is part of the therapy. Meanwhile, Addie gets turned on and starts masturbating and licking Mia's feet and Mia helps her get off by saying things like, "Ooh it tickles too much!" and "I just can't take it!" Addie has a delicious orgasm and then it's time for her to get tickled. Jada strips Addie's top off and begins playing with her breasts; licking and tickling them while Mia licks and tickles Addie's bare feet. Jada moves down to where Mia is and starts going down on her, licking Mia's pussy while Mia continues to lick Addie's feet. Addie laughs and laughs and Mia has an orgasm, as she can hardly take the sexiness of Addie's ticklishness and Jada's tongue. Last, but certainly not least, Jada lays down on the table. Addie and Mia just go to town tickling her and she has the cutest shriek ever! Then Mia and Addie move down to Jada's feet, kissing each other with Jada's toes in their mouths, sort of like a three-way kiss with Jada's feet! It drives Jada crazy! Mia helps Jada get off by rubbing her pussy and Jada moans with pleasure! Addie and Mia get each other off again by rubbing each other's pussies while continuing to lick and tickle Jada's feet. Jada laughs and laughs, which is so damn sexy, they can barely contain themselves! This video is super hot and long and if you love tickling, foot licking and girl/girl/girl action, you're sure to LOVE this video! Enjoy. :)
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Siren Thorn, Addie Juniper
Beautiful ticklish and Asian, Siren Thorn is one of the most fun girls to tickle EVER! She is so ticklish and squirmy and begs and pleads and is in such distress - it's so much fun! Being that we were in a hotel room without access to proper bondage equipment, I used socks to bind Siren's wrists and ankles together and then used my weight (and Psymon's weight) to hold Siren down to access her various tickle torture spots. :) And I gotta say, it worked pretty well! I start with her feet; sitting on her legs to restrain her feet and using my sharp, pointy fingernails to tickle them good! She REALLY went crazy when I put some lotion on them! Then I move up to her hips, which when lightly scratched over her panties drives her nuts! I had Psymon hold her arms up while I attacked her belly, sides and especially her underarms, which are so crazy ticklish, she almost cried. Okay, maybe not cry, but she was whining alot! Haha. Siren dreads my tickling fingers and for good reason - I know just how to get her going! I know you guys are really going to enjoy this video. Thanks for watching!
Running time: 12 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Jezabel Knight
Now it's sexy Jezabel's turn to tickle Addie on the couch with her feet in stocks and her wrists bound together with plastic wrap! Jezabel is quite the taunter, verbally teasing Addie and asking her if she's ticklish and where she's ticklish and if what she's doing is ticklish, etc. She gets Addie good on her super ticklish feet, inner thighs, belly, sides and especially her underarms! Jezabel goes to TOWN on Addie's poor underarms! She sits up on her chest, straddling her and holding her arms down and just tickling her there nonstop! Addie giggles and giggles and they exchange lots of tickle banter! Enjoy!
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