Running time: 12 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Jezabel Knight
Now it's sexy Jezabel's turn to tickle Addie on the couch with her feet in stocks and her wrists bound together with plastic wrap! Jezabel is quite the taunter, verbally teasing Addie and asking her if she's ticklish and where she's ticklish and if what she's doing is ticklish, etc. She gets Addie good on her super ticklish feet, inner thighs, belly, sides and especially her underarms! Jezabel goes to TOWN on Addie's poor underarms! She sits up on her chest, straddling her and holding her arms down and just tickling her there nonstop! Addie giggles and giggles and they exchange lots of tickle banter! Enjoy!
Running time: 4 minutes
Models: Amber Peach, Addie Juniper
Amber Peach talks about tickling with Addie! Amber expresses how very very ticklish she is and how she thinks tickling can be fun, but it's also quite torturous, too! She talks about how she and her cousins would tickle the crap out of each other when they were young. Addie is pretty convinced that Amber is not a fan of tickling, but Amber says, "Sure, it's fun to laugh, but after awhile, you just want them to stop!" Definitely a love/hate relationship. :) Amber shows off her cute feet, which were hidden inside of her stripper heels and confesses that are feet are probably her most ticklish spot. Good to know, good to know. :) Check out Amber getting tickled AND tickling BELOW (or just do a search in the box above) in "Amber Peach Hates Foot Tickling", "Hogtied Addie Gets Tickled by Amber Peach", and "Amber Peach Hogtied and Tickled"!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: JC Simpson, Addie Juniper
Addie tickles JC upper body style; she's completely naked with her arms stretched up above her head, totally helpless to shielding her super ticklish underarms! As soon as Addie realizes how sensitive they are, she takes full advantage of them. And JC's reactions are of pure anger and a hate of tickling! No, this is not a playful tickling scene, it truly is TORTURE for JC and it makes her very angry! But Addie persists on, toying with her ticklish spots using her fingers and an electric toothbrush, alternating between light tickles and deep tickles and making JC madder and madder! Fun stuff. :) Enjoy!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, JC Simpson
Boy oh boy, is this a hot video? It totally is. Addie is straddling the sybian with her hands cuffed behind her back and it's being controlled, forcing her to orgasm. Meanwhile, JC Simpson is being sweet and nice and playing with her, so she can enjoy an explosive orgasm.....NOT! JC starts tickling Addie who gets VERY frustrated because she can't just sit and enjoy her orgasm! JC tickles her all over - her sides, belly, inner thighs, her feet, etc. and JUST at the perfect moments when she thinks Addie may be enjoying the sybian a little too much. :) How evil! Poor Addie is feeling even more sensitive than normal, too, because she's being stimulated sexually and THEN getting tickled! It's an overwhelming feeling. Poor Addie! But we just looove watching her squirm. Maybe she shouldn't have messed with JC so much in the previous video? ;)
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: JC Simpson, Addie Juniper
So we thought tickling a hot lady on our sybian would be a GREAT idea and, frankly, it is - HOWEVER lovely and leggy JC Simpson is just not a fan of it. So our whole plan of tickling orgasm denial failed. I did, however, get to tickle her SOME, but since she wasn't tied down and she's SUPER strong (definitely stronger than me) so it just wasn't a helpless enough position for her to be in. I pull her top down, revealing her very perky breasts and I dig into her sides and inner thighs and she just HATES it, moans and groans and gets very little satisfaction from the sybian. I go around to the back and tickle her feet, but she could very well kick me in the face (luckily, she didn't) so I couldn't tickle them as well as I wanted to. Eventually, JC just leaps off of the sybian and I tickle her some more on the floor and again, it doesn't work very well. So I would say that this video is sort of a FAIL, but it's still hot because JC is hot and she does exhibit some very distressed reactions which, hopefully, you will find amusing and maybe sexy. :) Don't worry, though, her sybian revenge on me is NOT to be missed - it totally worked on me! But that's for the next update. :)
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