Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Charity Bangs, Addie Juniper
I finally got to tickle 19 year old Charity Bangs! Charity is a super popular LA-based porn star who hasn't done a whole lot of tickling shoots, but boy oh boy, is she ticklish? I couldn't believe it! The girl is terrified of being tickled and for good reason; every inch of her is just SO delightfully sensitive! I would say that her underarms are the most ticklish and this was a great position to put her in, with her arms raised above her head, with nothing to shield those ticklish pits! Charity freaks the fuck out when I start going at her; squirming and twisting and begging and pleading. I pull down her top, revealing her big, perky breasts, for your pleasure. :) And guess what? Her underarms are SO ticklish, they even respond to hair tickling! That's right, I can tickle her underarms wtih her own hair and she goes wild! I love it! Charity's sides, ribs, inner thighs, hips, butt and feet are all ticklish, too. Don't worry, foot tickling lovers - I got her feet REALLY good in the next one, but this position was just too difficult for that one. Though I did manage to lift them up and tickle them a little bit. We sure hope Charity swings by our way again sometime! Enjoy!
Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Jacquelyn Velvets
This is a four part series featuring Miss Jacquelyn Velvets and Miss Addie Juniper tickling each other's armpits in various positions and being timed to see how long they can take it! This first position has each girl standing with her hands on her hips. They are both wearing sleeveless shirts for easy underarm access! Jacquelyn tickles Addie first. If she breaks the pose earlier than Jacquelyn does, she loses the round! They each use a variety of tickle techniques; light scratching, fingernail spidering, pressing and digging into the surrounding muscles, etc. A great video for those of you into armpit tickling, in particular! Total cuteness, which is what we're kinda known for here at Tickle Chicks. Plus, Jacquelyn's laugh is just plain adorable. :) Enjoy!
Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Jacquelyn Velvets, Addie Juniper
Jacquelyn Velvets and Addie Juniper are asked a variety of questions about tickling in this awesome interview! They are asked to rate each of their tickle spots from 1-10 and talk about their worst tickling experiences. They show off their ticklish spots and describe the techniques that tickle the most and the kind of reactions you would get out of them. A very fun and playful interview with two popular fetish models!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Nyxon, Addie Juniper
Nyxon and Addie are cuddling and kissing, as usual, when Addie reaches into Nyxon's side and gives her a little tickle. Nyxon giggles, confused, and asks Addie why she did that. Addie admits that tickling turns her on and that she wants to try doing it while they're messing around. So they start kissing and as soon as things start heating up, Addie reaches in and tickles Nyxon and it drives her crazy! It makes it more intense and sexy for her. They remove each other's bras and lick and play with each other's breasts and then engage in more sensual/playful tickling and kissing. You can tell that it really turns Addie on while she is getting tickled because she starts breathing really heavily through her laughter. Sexy stuff!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Siren Thorn
Now it's Siren's turn to tickle me in the same position! Unfortunately, we were in a hotel and didn't have any good restraints, but we made do with what we had; a scarf for my ankles and knee high socks for my wrists! In order to keep me from flailing about, though, Siren has to sort of put her body weight on me and hold me down, which proves to be pretty effective! Siren is such a cute tickler; taunting and teasing and getting pleasure out of my distress. :) She sits on my legs as she tickles my feet, being sure to lotion them up a bit so it tickles even more! Eek! And then she finds my other super ticklish areas and focuses on them - my inner thighs, my sides, my belly, etc. She digs in and it drives me crazy! Enjoy!
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