Running time: 21 minutes
Models: Malloy Martini, Addie Juniper
Malloy is a meek prisoner who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She gained some information that she doesn't want to have and now FBI agent, Addie Juniper, must get it out of her. When a handcuffed Malloy won't speak, Juniper decides to detain her outside; naked and staked to the ground. Forcing her at gunpoint, she leads Malloy out there, sure that this arrangement will cause her to leak the information. Wrong! So what to do now? Use what Juniper knows about Malloy; that she is extremely ticklish. She uses her fingers and various implements ALL over the blonde's naked body; from her underarms to her belly to her thighs, down to her feet and back up again. Over and over again. Relentlessly. Does it prove to be a useful information-getting tool? Does Addie let her go? Watch to find out!
Running time: 5 minutes
Models: Amo Morbia, Addie Juniper
Amo Morbia and Addie Juniper sit down and have a little chat about tickling! This is from the very first time that we shot with Amo and we liked her immediately; she's ticklish, loves tickling and is alot of fun to hang out with. She's a tall drink of water, too, 5'11 and about 1/3 Asian. Amo easily gives away all of her tickle spots and the best ways to tickle her and then...Addie goes ahead and tests them out! Her underarms, belly, sides and feet. She says her feet need to be tickled roughly, but a good nail scratching seems to work, too! Amo also reveals the absolute best way to tickle her, but I'm not going to give away everything. Watch and find out!
Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Malloy Martini, Addie Juniper
Former Playboy model Malloy Martini/Martin (she goes by both names) is a fiesty one, screaming obscenities at Addie (dirty hooker, fucking bitch, whore) because Addie found out about Malloy's crazy ticklish belly and belly button! So she gets strapped down totally naked to our tickle bed and gets the belly tickling of a lifetime! Addie slowly runs her fingers over Malloy's belly, lightly scratching above and belly her belly button, digging into her muscles and finally, she sticks her finger inside! This drives Malloy NUTS. Next Addie gets a feather and grazes it slowly all over Malloy's belly and threatens to put it inside of her belly button. Malloy begs and pleads for her not to, but of course evil Addie does it anyway! An electric toothbrush is also used and by now Malloy is super pissed off. So naturally, Addie starts tickling her exposed underarms at the same time, which makes her big natural boobies bounce and shake. Hot! Guess Malloy shouldn't have let is slip that her belly and belly button are so ticklish!
Running time: 8 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Je C
Upper body tickling fans everywhere will thoroughly enjoy this video! After being tickled by Addie twice (you've only seen one so far), Je C is good and ready to get a solid revenge. And boy oh boy, she tickles Addie's upper body hard and rough, just like she needs it! Taking cues from Psymon, Je C is able to immediately hone in on Addie's worst spots - her dreaded inner thighs, sides, tummy and behind the knees. She even holds Addie's leg up in the air in order to get that inner thigh spot REALLY good! She digs her fingers into Addie's butt by going up the back of her dress, which drives her bananas! Not only is Je C an excellent ler physically - her constant verbal taunting adds a certain something extra that makes her quite possibly one of the best female lers we've worked with! Enjoy!!
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Lola Lynn, Bruno
Lola Lynn is the hottest MILF (MILF, really?) that we have ever shot. Yup. This woman is not only a MILF, she's a GRANDMA. Isn't that insane? She has, like the hottest body ever! Anyway, she's been VERY naughty and greedy so Bruno is here to teach her a lesson. He will be administering her very first forced ticklegasm! A vibrator is shown to her and she becomes very excited. She wants it to be used on her pussy to give her an orgasm. Sorry, toots, it's not that easy! Her sensitive underarms, belly and thighs must be tickled before she receives her reward of orgasm. But just when she thinks she's going to get it, Bruno takes it away and begins to tickle her body - just when she is getting warmed up and flushed. How frustrating! Bruno finally gives her her orgasm, however, he tickles her again immediately afterward, which drives her CRAZY! Yikes! Can't a girl just enjoy her orgasm? Nope. Not at Tickle Chicks, she can't! :D
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