Running time: 5 minutes
Models: Yung Tay, Luscious Lomax, Addie Juniper
First up, Addie interviews 19 year-old Yung Tay. Although this was Tay's first shoot EVER, she is no stranger to tickling. In fact, friends and family have tickled her her whole life! Boyfriends and friends have actually tied her down and tickled her, too. Amazing! She was well aware of tickle fetish, as well, which is awesome! Tay reveals her most ticklish spots and Addie tests them out. Next up is Psymon interviewing Luscious Lomax, who is ALSO a shooting newb but not a tickling newb! Wowzer! She tells us about experiences with her boyfriend and girlfriend - they'd get into tickle fights regularly! Awesome! Check out Yung Tay in "Yung Tay's Terribly Ticklish Underarms" and "The Tickle Torture of Yung Tay's Feet" and Luscious in "Testing the Ticklishness of Luscious Lomax".
Running time: 12 minutes
Models: Tomiko, Addie Juniper
We've been waiting for the opportunity to tickle Tomiko for quite some time. Fit, part Asian, a bit MILF-y and extremely ticklish! Tomiko revealed to us in her interview that her feet are her most ticklish spot, so Addie focuses on those puppies in this video. They are locked up in metal stocks, completely restrained. Addie tests out several different implements - her own fingernails, feathers, a cat toy, a pummel stone, etc. and finds them all to be quite effective! Tomiko's feet are even sensitive to the touch of a soft feather, which is rather rare. In between her toes really gets her going so Addie slides two feathers in and out slowly. :) Even the tops of her feet are ticklish! Towards the end of the video, Addie moves upwards and tickles Tomiko's thighs, belly and underarms, which also prove to be quite ticklish! We hope to get Tomiko back soon for some more tickle torture! She's a fun one. :)
Running time: 16 minutes
Models: Liz River, Psymon Jerusalem
Curvy and cute Liz River is back, this time laid out in a spread eagle position of sorts so that Psymon can explore her entire body. She turns completely red in anticipation of the tickling and consistently gives herself deep breaths and reassurance. "I'm fine! I'm completely fine!" It's very cute. :) Psymon discovers what is probably Liz's most ticklish spot in this video - her neck. It's CRAZY. He gives her a good, thorough work-over tickling her sides, belly, underarms (or what he can access of them), knees, thighs, hips and feet. He also releases her big boobies - just cuz :p. One of my favorite parts of this video is Liz's relentless squirming. Enjoy.
Running time: 5 minutes
Models: Tomiko
We finally got the popular Tomiko to come do some tickle videos with us. Whoo hoo! She says her fans are always asking if she's going to do more tickle videos she is, guys! Tomiko is a down-to-earth, awesome gal who was very open to talking about tickling; her past shoots, personal experiences, where's she's ticklish, etc. At first, she didn't want to reveal her spots, but they came out! Her feet are number 1. But her belly and under her butt cheeks are very ticklish, too! Psymon tests out her feet and her belly, POV style, and he gets some fantastic reactions out of her. A full video of Addie tickling Tomiko is coming up soon! Enjoy!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Petra
Even though it turned out that she wasn't that ticklish when Addie tried to tickle her, Petra decided that she should have some revenge on Addie since she got poked and prodded so much. Hey! Sooo not fair! Petra verbally teases Addie for much of the video in her hot Czech accent. Sometimes the non-ticklish can be the most brutal because they are so amused by the reactions they are able to produce out of someone and they have no idea how torturous it is! It's such a novelty to them. And Petra is no exception. She seemed to LOVE making Addie squirm. She experiments on most of Addie's body - underarms, sides, ribs, hips, thighs (the worse!), knees and feet. She keeps returning to the spots that create the most intense reactions and Addie pleads, "" when she goes for Addie's INSANELY ticklish inner thighs. Yes, yes, yes! Addie is wearing a short skirt (which you can see straight up) and this just makes things worse for her! Petra's access to her thighs is perfect and too easy. It's settled. Petra is a grade A tickler. Just what do they teach those girls out there in Eastern Europe? ;)
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