Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Jessica Nova
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Robynette comes home after a long day and is SO tired, she falls asleep in her costume. One of her worst enemies, Poison Vines sneaks in. Poison knows she must take out Robynette before she can get to Batgal, so she chl*roforms the sleeping superheroine! Robynette is suddendly awake, but the poison quickly lulls her back to sleep. Once out, Poison Vines blows Robynette a hypnotic poisonous kiss that will leave her upon awakening! The evil villainess removes her boots to humiliate her heroine victim and then wakes her up. Robynette, now completely under her enemy's spell, is tied down and tickled, wearing nothing but her tights. Robynette happens to be VERY ticklish and laughs her little head off, completely oblivious that she is being tricked and humiliated! Lastly, if all of that wasn't enough, Poison Vines uses a vibrating wand to give Robynette a forced orgasm. She has a sexy, explosive orgasm and then the evil villainess takes pictures of her to pass around and show her boss how weak and vulnerable she is. Robynette will never be taken seriously as a superheroine now!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Amo Morbia
Addie was taking a nap during one of our shoots with Amo (she was really tired) but Amo wanted to get some tickle revenge on her, so she dragged her ass out of bed and told her she was getting tickled whether she liked it or not! Damn! She tickles Addie ALL over - starting with some light brushes up and down her body to get her warmed up. Amo attacks Addie's hips, thighs, belly, sides, underarms, even her feet! And she uses all kinds of implements making Addie howl with laughter, as well as groan with annoyance. :) Amo is a great ler - taunting Addie with tickle talk and staying on one spot pretty relentlessly if it's a spot Addie doesn't like. There isn't much else to say about this video, but it's awesome and we know you're gonna love it! :)
Running time: 5 minutes
Models: Kordelia Devonshire, Psymon Jerusalem
We talked some ticklin' with Kordelia Devonshire! Kordi loves being tickled, but only tickled RIGHT, as she says. A light to medium touch is all she needs! It's obvious that she's been the subject of some bad ticklers in her day! Hopefully we evened the scales a little bit by giving her some good tickling. :) Kordelia is hesitant to reveal her ticklish spots, but she gives in and points them out for us. Under her butt cheeks, inner thighs, feet (soles and arches), behind the knees, ears, lower belly, lower armpit...she gets very specific! She talks about her personal tickling experiences - mostly with her mom, tickle wrestling, tickling other people, etc. Kordelia is a natural, fun-loving chick who we much enjoyed talking to and tickling! Check her out in "Hypnotized and Tickled Babysitter".
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Paige Erin Turner, Psymon Jerusalem
Sweet and gorgeous Paige Erin Turner arrives on the magician's doorstep. She is just what he ordered; a beautiful girl bound and gagged beneath an overcoat and scarf - complete with a crotch rope - ready and eager to be his new assistant. She is unveiled and poses for him a bit. When her ball gag is removed, she introduces herself and asks what she should do next. Then she gets down on her knees and begs him to gag her again. Her first order of business is to be tape gagged and tickled. If she can withstand this, she may very well get the job! The magician tickles her all over - from her nude upper body, belly, sides and thighs and down to her sheer nylon feet. Paige is sooo adorably ticklish, which is exactly what the magician looks for in an assistant! He needs her to be ticklish and to be able to take it. Wonder what tricks he has up his sleeve? ;)
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Maxine X, Addie Juniper
This scene was shot BEFORE the 7 girl tickle bang with Maxine X, so this was actually her first EVER tickle scene! Maxine had turned down tickle shoots for years but once we contacted her, something made her decide to just go for it this time. Lucky us! So we tied her down to the bed and Addie tickled the hell out of her. Maxine is as sweet as pie, huge awesome boobies and so damn ticklish! This one-on-one is interesting because it caused Addie to want to get 6 of her girlfriends up to the room to tickle Maxine all at once! Maxine was just THAT ticklish that Addie truly just wanted to torture her. :) How evil! Addie does a number on her entire body - sides, underarms, belly, thighs and especially her feet, which she tortures with several different devices - though nails seem to work the best! Maxine totally freaks out, but you can tell that she's totally loving it, too. :)
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